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John's enthusiasm for the course and his very apparent desire for the class to excel made this course my absolute favorite of almost all the courses I have taken at UGA. I found the discussions to be engaging and informative and I felt that every activity that we as a class participated in was useful and relevant. I also seriously appreciated the ease with which I felt I could speak my mind and the respect I was given as a person. This class was PHENOMENAL.

— Acting for Camera Fall 2017

One of the best classes I've taken at UGA. It's helpful not just for theatre majors. All majors can benefit from this course. I learned the basics of auditioning and performing in front of the camera. It opened my eyes to a lot of potential. It also removed some of my insecurities. John was excellent and cared about working with all of us.

— Acting for Camera Spring 2017

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When we discussed our recordings in class I felt that there was good feedback. I also felt that when we knew what we wanted to know John really had the knowledge to explain it. Its good to have someone in class who has worked in the field somewhat recently.

— Acting for Camera Fall 2016

John Faro Terry 
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