John Faro Terry

2052 E. 4500 S. 

Holladay, UT 84117

Degrees Awarded

MFA Performance 2018

University of Georgia, Georgia

Thesis Title: The Life of Ben: The Role of Ben in Lisa D’Amour’s Detroit

Committee: George Contini, T. Anthony Marotta, Kristin Kundert, and John Patrick Bray


BFA Actor Training Program 2012

University of Utah, Utah


AAS in Mill Maintenance Technology 1999

Great Basin College, Nevada


Academic Teaching Experience

Lecturer                                             University of Georgia                                                                                                                   2018-2019

  • Taught three sections of acting for the camera: 3600,5570, 7570. Undergraduate and Graduate students.

    • Created a safe environment for students to support one another and work outside their normal zones of confidence.

    • Planned lectures discussing the film, television, commercial, and internet business for the actor.

    • Organized and designed exercises and projects specifically for learning and practicing the techniques needed to be a successful story teller on camera using techniques from Michael Caine, Sanford Meisner, and Konstantin Stanislavski.

    • Arranged prominent guest artist and speakers to lecture and work with each class.


Graduate Assistant                           University of Georgia                                                                                                                  2015-2018

  • Taught two sections of Introduction to Theatre: 2010.

    • Planned lectures discussing the history of theatre, fundamental acting principals, assigned plays, theories of acting including the techniques of Konstantin Stanislavski, Stella Adler, Uta Hagen, Sanford Meisner, Kristin Linklater, and Anne Bogart.

    • Facilitated exercises to assist students in the creation of characters for assigned monologues and scenes.

  • Taught four sections of Acting on Camera, 3600.

    • Planned lectures discussing the film, television, commercial, and internet business for the actor.

    • Organized and designed exercises and projects specifically for learning and practicing the techniques needed to be a successful story teller on camera.

  • Graduate Assistant for Stage Combat: 5580.

    • Assisted the professor in creating a safe environment for the students to learn the fundamentals of fight choreography.

    • Supervised the students as they learned the proper foot work and handling of themselves and weaponry such as the quarter staff and rapier.


Graduate Teaching Assistant          UGA London Study Abroad Program                                                                                     2017

  • Six-week course in residence in London. Responsible for aiding the program director in maintaining the safety, security, health, and a productive learning environment for the students on the trip.


Teaching Assistant                            University of Utah                                                                                                                       2010-2012

  • Assisted in one section of Movement for the Actor: 2240

    • Assisted the professor in creating a safe and creative environment for the students.

    • Assisted in the instruction and demonstration of techniques in the fundamentals of ballet, View Points, Laban, and Jacques Lecoq.

  • Assisted in one section of Movement for the Actor: 2250

    • Assisted the professor in the maintenance and care of the masks and costumes.

    • Assisted in the instruction and demonstration of techniques used in Commedia Dell’ Arte, Balinese Mask, Noh and Kabuki Theatre.

  • Assisted in one section of Movement for the Actor: 4250

    • Assisted the professor in maintaining an environment conducive to creativity and productive risk.

    • Assisted the professor in the instruction and demonstration of Butoh and devised a play for the students to assist in devising and performing.


Producer of the University of Georgia 24 Hour Play Festival                                                                                                          2016-2017

  • Originated a festival that allowed students, Graduate and under Graduate, to write, direct, and act in new works. The festival gave the participants experience in collaborating with their peers to produce and perform a new play within 24 hours.       

Camp Director                                  Athens Little Playhouse                                                                                                             2019

  • Director of day to day camp functions and the final performance of a devised children’s performance for children ages 4-12

    • Organized the daily schedule of activities for the children and counselors

    • Developed the children’s understanding of relationships to one another, space, and text using games and activities

    • Devised a new play with the children utilizing there learning throughout the week


Assistant Workshop Presenter        Michael Chekhov Workshop                                                                                                    2019

  • Assisted George Contini in teaching the interns at Aurora Theatre certain techniques of Chekhov

    • Polarity – In any true piece of art, the beginning and end are polar in principle.

    • Atmospheres – Every landscape, street, house, room, spring, winter, noisy restaurant, etc. can be described with one permeating adjective which is the atmosphere of place and time.

    •  Qualities of Movement – Molding, Flowing, Flying/Floating, Radiating

    • Psychological Gestures – A movement or action that gives will power a direction or inclination and awakens a definite desire.


Workshop Presenter                        Florida State Junior Thespians                                                                                                   2020

  • Creating a Physical Character

    • Michael Chekhov’s exploration of the grotesque as a way to better understand observation techniques of ourselves and others

    • Clown Techniques for developing a physical body

  • Nurturing the Natural Impulse

    • Sanford Meisner techniques using listen and respond in repetition exercises

    • Kristin Linklater techniques for harnessing the natural breath

Directing and Choreography

Young Frankenstein                                    Co-Director with George Contini     University of Georgia

Virtue—Stage Reading                               Director                                                  The Julliard School, NYC

The Encampment of Dr. Moreau             Co-Dir./Chor./Puppeteer                   The Orlando Fringe Festival

Henry IV Part I                                            Technical Director                                 Salt Lake Shakespeare Fest., UT

Noir Desir                                                     Dir./Chor./Writer                                  University of Utah

Average Ordinary Incredible                     Stunt-Coordinator                                University of Georgia


Workshops and Training

Intimacy Direction                                                                                                                                                                                   2019

Daniel Granke, an introduction into the principles and practices of intimacy direction through Intimacy Directors International.

Puppetry                                                                                                                                                                                                    2018

T. Anthony Marotta, a one-on-one tutorial about building and operating puppets.                                                                                                               

Internship                                                                                                                                                                                                   2017

Underbelly Festival, South Bank, London—lighting, sound, and stagecraft.              

Clown                                                                                                                                                                                                          2015

Michael Toomey, workshop on the fundamentals of creating and performing the clown within our own humanity.

Stage Combat                                                                                                                                                                                           2015

Michael Toomey, an intensive on the safety and story-telling craft of fight choreography.

Shakespeare & Company                                                                                                                                                                        2014

A month long intensive including the teachings of Kristin Linklater, Tina Packard, Stage Combat, Analyzing Shakespeare, Movement, Alexander Technique, Scene Study.

Butoh                                                                                                                                                                                                          2012

Sensei Jerry Gardner, disciple of Kazuo Ohno, and Ichiro, disciple of Hijikata, the history, style, choreography, and performance of the Japanese performance discipline.

Musical Theatre Training                                                                                                                                                                         2010-2011

David and Shalee Schmidt of GottaSing Vocal Studio and the University of Utah, techniques and craft of musical theatre.


Awards and Recognitions

Best Drama Award for The Encampment of Dr. Moreau, The Orlando Fringe Festival                                                              2018

Fringe of the Fringe Award for The Encampment of Dr. Moreau, Orlando Fringe Fest.                                                            2018

Sell Out Show Award for The Encampment of Dr. Moreau, Orlando Fringe Fest.                                                                      2018

Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, The University of Georgia                                                                                                 2017

Best Improvised Performance for The Rocky Horror Show, Salt Lake City City Weekly                                                            2010

Best Actor Nomination for Une Saison en Enfer, Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival (KCACTF)            2009

Best Actor Nomination for Mercy Seat, KCACTF                                                                                                                             2009

Best Actor Nomination for The Pillowman, KCACTF                                                                                                                        2008



New York/Regional Theatre

The Crucible                                                  Herrick/Danforth                          The Connelly Theatre/Bedlam

Clybourne Park                                             Russ/Dan                                        Marietta Thea on The Sq.

The Encampment of Dr. Moreau              Puppeteer                                       Orlando Fringe Festival     

Zoom!Pow!Smash!                                      Dir./Narrator                                  Atlanta Fringe Festival   

Old Haunts (World Premiere)                  Stephen                                            Robert Moss Theatre  

King Lear                                                       Kent                                                   Hubbard Hall                      

The Orphan                                                  The Figure                                         The Tank Theatre   *Special Direction by David Rabe

Proposals                                                       Ray                                                    The Neil Simon Festival    

The Goodbye Girl (Musical)                      Ensemble                                          The Neil Simon Festival       

The Odd Couple                                          Oscar                                                The Neil Simon Festival      

The Odd Couple                                          Oscar                                                The Egyptian Theatre

Henry IV Part I                                            Hotspur                                            Salt Lake Shakespeare Festival

Midway                                                          Ensemble                                         Sugar Space

Hamlet                                                          First Sailor&U/S Horatio               Pioneer Theatre   

The Bakkhai                                                  Messenger                                        Utah Greek Theatre Festival         

Searching for David’s Heart                      A. Weiss/J.Paul                                Shalom Theatre                   

Helen                                                            Theoclymenus                                   Utah Greek Festival     

Much Ado About Nothing                        Dogberry                                           Silver Stage Players      

A Christmas Carol                                      Fred/Ghost of Present/Cratchet Western Folk Life Center

Ceratopsian Show                                       Puppeteer                                         Utah Museum of Natural History


Creative Work at Universities and Colleges

Detroit                                                          Ben                                                     University of Georgia                 

Animal Farm                                                Napoleon/Ensemble                       University of Georgia           

Always (K)new                                             Deviser/Actor/Choreographer     University of Georgia                

Titus Andronicus                                         Titus                                                    University of Georgia                   

Jane Eyre                                                     Rochester                                          University of Georgia                

Kitty Kitty Kitty                                           Kitty 4                                                University of Georgia

The New Play Festival                                Lead                                                    University of Georgia

Virtue (World Premiere)                           Dir./Volmar                                       University of Georgia

You Can’t Take It With You                      Grandpa                                             University of Georgia            

The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge                  S. Rothschild                                    Great Basin College, NV    

Desir                                                             Co-Dir./Actor                                  University of Utah     

Macbeth                                                       Macbeth                                            University of Utah

The Last Days of Judas Iscariot                 Judas                                                 University of Utah        

The Rocky Horror Show                            Dr. Frank N Furter                         University of Utah        

Une Saison en Enfer                                  Paul Verlaine                                     University of Utah        

Mercy Seat                                                  Ben                                                     University of Utah        

The Pillowman                                             Ariel                                                    University of Utah

Notes on a Sunday (World Premiere)     Grandpa                                            University of Utah        

The Cripple of Inishmaan                           Babbybobby                                     University of Utah

Danny and the Deep Blue Sea                 Danny                                                Great Basin College, NV  

Waiting for Godot                                       Vladimir                                             Great Basin College, NV  

The Reluctant Doctor                                Sgnarelle                                            Great Basin College, NV

West Side Story                                          Diesel                                                 Great Basin College, NV

A Comedy of Errors                                   Antipholus of Ephesus                    Great Basin College, NV

Oklahoma                                                    Dream Curly                                     Great Basin College, NV

The Seagull                                                   Trigorin                                              Great Basin College, NV

The Phantom Toll Booth                            Lethargarian/Din/Jester                 Great Basin College, NV

Romeo and Juliet                                        Benvolio                                             Great Basin College, NV



Average Ordinary Incredible                  Supporting                                          University of Georgia

Dream Film                                               Supporting                                          University of Georgia

I’m Here For You                                     Lead                                                      New York University

Everything But The Kitchen Sink          Featured                                               New York Film Academy

Crew                                                          Featured                                               Gamble Production

Show Me a Hero                                     Featured Extra                                     HBO

The Solution                                             Lead                                                       Troubador Productions

Aria Phone App                                       Lead                                                       Brut Squad

Veteran’s Day                                          Lead                                                       Spy Hop Productions

Dawn of Madness                                   Lead                                                       Brut Squad

Reue                                                          Lead                                                       Ridge Line Creative

Z                                                                 Lead                                                       Independent Production



Professional Affiliations

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