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The Asylum of Dr. Moreau

Orland Sentinel Review

Terry transforms himself into terrifying creatures – both human and animal – with little more than an eyepatch and length of chain; Burnley brandishes his flashlight like a seppuku sword, stabbing his own soul in sympathetic anguish with the isle’s damned inhabitants. Their impressive physical performances are matched by an improved script...

— Orlando Weekly

Always (K)new

 Always K(new), a collaborative effort amongst the University of Georgia’s Graduate Acting Ensemble, the University of Georgia’s Romance Language Department, and the Universidade Federal de São João del-Rei. We devised a piece based on interviews collected from the LGBTQ+ communities in Athens (GA), Colombia, and Brazil. Implementing Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed as a foundation, our group interviewed people from the various LGBTQ+ communities and used their stories to devise a performance that brought the community’s voices to the stage. 

Butoh Work